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Subject: Meaning of the name Andalusia?
Author: Lu   (guest)
Date: September 14, 2002 at 8:39:57 AM
What is the meaning of the name Andalusia? I know it's the name of a region in Spain, where the name is originally written Andalucia.

Somewhere on the Internet I found this about its meaning:

"The word Andalusia means "to walk easy." It is derived from the Spanish words Ande, meaning 'to walk,' and Lutier, meaning 'easy.' "

Now, I doubt if that is the correct meaning. Seeing that the name is originally written Andalucia, I guess that the second part of the name "lucia" could mean 'light' instead of 'easy.' So then maybe the meaning is "(the) walking light?"

Who knows what the correct meaning of Andalusia is?

Thank you in advance!



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