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Subject: Satan Herself, back for a visit...
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: September 15, 2002 at 10:53:48 AM
Satan Herself, back for a visit

Hiya gang! So, y'all hunted me down and know where I'm hanging out these days, huh? :)

Nah, Pav, I'm not the "head honcho" -- just one of the moderators. Also, the only American moderator. I think they've made me an "honourary Brit". Hey, you didn't tell me in e-mail that you've won a total of THREE Anagrammy Awards! Congratulations!!!

Yep, Daividh, they are a literate lot. Genuine Satanists are. ;) Oh, and I'm not THAT "mellow", Da. If you'll check out the General Discussion forum and the topic therein titled "Suggestion for a New Forum", you'll see the same ol' Nanaea at work in dealing with lame-ass, butthead Elaine-types and Eagle2-types.

'Cole and Barb and everyone… I've missed you, too!

Mr. Troll-Posing-As-Nanaea, too bad I'm a bit late to make your acquaintance. Heheheh.

Mike C. -- thanks for passing along the message to me. Oh, and the ol' place here looks great! Whoa... LOVE the yellow-highlighted message when you hit the "post" button! Ya think they'll notice? ;)

-- Nanaea

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