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Re: Just for fun: What Is Your Hidden "Signature Name"?
this sounds interesting...but i don't have alot of things that describe me that would be of much help
i luv the night and the stars, and basically everything in the sky
one of my fav songs is by chad kroeger and josey scott, "hero"
it goes somethin like: ...and they say that a hero can save us, im not gonna stand here and wait. ill hold onto the wings of the eagles, watch as they all fly away...
ive always wanted to fly and luv the freedom of hills and open areas
i often even dream of flying when im sleeping
well this should be vry interesting
if you can come up with one for me, you can come up with one for ne1
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"I Dream of Flying" = Melydia Griffon
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More: "I Dream of Flying" = Morfin Gayfield
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"Night-sky and Stars" = Kandyss Starnight
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