Subject: an oriental look at the name Wednesday
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: September 22, 2002 at 10:33:59 AM
Reply to: wednesday by mark holder
In japanese the name/word wednesday is "suiyoubi"
The word wednesday is derived from the Old English Wodnes Daeg, which in turn is a translation of the Latin Mercrii dies, or "day of Mercury'. The planet Mercury is associated with the classic elemental water. Mercury is obviously associated with the element mercury.
- http://www.baynet.net/~philip/translate.htm

Basically in Japanese Wednesday means day of Mercury.

If anyone cares to know Monday is "getsuyoubi" meaning "Moon day"
Tuesday, "kayoubi", is derived from Old English tiwesdaeg, day of Tiw, which in turn is derived from the Latin "dies Martis", Mars' Day
Thursday, "mokuyoubi": Old English for "Day of Thor", which is from the Latin "dies Jovis", day of Jove (Jove is another name for Jupiter, king of the gods).
Friday, "kinyoubi" is "gold day" a representation of the planet and goddess Venus

This is all from the website listed above.
If anyone is recognizing this material, it is because it is from Sailor Moon. The inner Senshi's Japanese names are related to their affiliate day and planet.

And I know a Wednesday Morrison.


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