Subject: Re: "Et quand vient le soir" = Tristan Dino L'Eveque (m)
Author: Tristan Dino L'Eveque   (guest)
Date: September 23, 2002 at 6:31 AM
Reply to: "Et quand vient le soir" = Tristan Dino L'Eveque (m) by Nanaea

Really, the timing was somewhat off sis :) I only hope you stick around more, or at least make more regular appearances; we may be trying to act cool, but our withdrawal symptoms are horrendous!
Brussels is a beautiful city, bad rap notwithstanding. Incredibly, it was sunny -- a pleasant change after 17 consecutive days of Athens rain. Though mainly on business, I did play some fun hookey. Visited a gallery you would have loved: a Belgian artist who paints dog (mostly terrier) faces on original 19th century portraits of members of the nobility. It was a howl :)
P.S. I may be king, but you rool!!!

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