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Re: My turn!
Woa, I should read more Yeats!
Here's a first attempt:
"And what rough beast, its hour come..."
Demonica Ashtoreth Turboshag-Wu"Demonica Ashtoreth" is self-explanatory. Interpreting "Turboshag-Wu", however, is subject to the beholder's vagaries:)
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Oooo, it's PERFECT! Fits me to a "T"! :)
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I'm grad you enjoyed it :) Here are the "Turboshag-Wu" alternatives I had up my sleeve, in case you were not happy:
# War Bugsthou
# Tuwa Hogrubs
# Wartbug Hous
# Sugarbut How
# Toughsaw Rub
# Boguswar Hut
# Ua Bugsworth
# Baugusworth
# Rawbugs Thou
# Whatsour Bug
# Boughtus War
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I like this one best! :)
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