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Subject: I'll give it a go...
Author: Caprice   (Authenticated as Caprice)
Date: June 30, 2005 at 7:07:27 AM
Reply to: A whole whack of pro. questions by Schezar
(b) Cailean - KAH-lin
(g) Jihan - JEE-hun
(g) Kahlilia - ka-LIL-ya
(g) Khadija - cha-DID-ya
(b) Chavez - CHA-vez
(g) Madrona - ma-DRO-na
(g) Zamora - za-MO-ra
(g) Drea - DRAY-ah
(g) Galatea - ga-la-TAY-ah
(g) Pelagia - pe-LA-ja (I think)
(g) Rhea - RAY-uh
(g/b) Solaris - so-LAH-ris
(g) Kavindra - ka-VIN-thra
(g) Ksena - KSEN-ah
(g) Sezja - SEH-zha
Nalini - one of my favourites! It's Hindi, means "lotus" (I've read "water lily", too). I pr. it nah-LEE-nee, I don't know if it's correct.

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~ Phantom of the Opera

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