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Romani (gypsy) names
do you know any romani original names (forget about Carmen etc.)
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thank you for your help, do you know about some indian names used untill today by gypsy people - i was told that gypsy name Rada comes from Radha ..
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I am the wrong person to ask ... a large part of the vocabulary of the Romani language is still recognizably Indian (Hindi), and so modern coinages can't always be distinguished from ancient survivals. But, if Rads is indeed derived from Radha, it would surprise me: rAdhA may have become popular in western India after the mythological love story involving that character reached there, and I somehow thought that the gypsies had left India before that. I need to double check my time line because I am trying to remember things I was interested in a long time back, and haven't thought about since.Intuitively, if there is a slavic origin possible, or connection with some other Indian word, I would go with that instead.
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I can't vouch for authenticity, but is written in a pretty scholarly style (In fact the entire website which it is part of). A google search also finds which contains information that makes it somewhat checkable, though it is not very useful if you are looking for traditional gypsy names (a difficult term for a group of itinerant group starting in India, moving through Eastern Europe into Western Europe).
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In his books El gran llibre dels noms and El gran libro de los nombres, Josep M. Albaigès lists some Romani names. The list was collected by José Rodríguez Díaz, from Sevilla, so the names in this list are names used by Andalusian gipsies, who mainly don't speak Romani but Caló, as much (you can read about Caló at names
Adonay (Emmanuel)
Aracate (Custodio)
Atronense (Anton)
Bachamó (Sebastian)
Bají (Bonaventure)
Bandojé, Bandojí (Bernard)
Barsaly (Jack)
Bartiqué, Bartijé, Bujamí (Bartholomew)
Bisnajura (Ventura)
Bostán (Linus)
Brono (Poncius)
Brujalimé, Bujilimí (Basil)
Bujoné (Prudentius)
Canroné (Clement)
Corpincho (Roman)
Disqueró (Secundus)
Frugerios (Fructuoso)
Gerinel (Michael)
Inosea (Ignatius)
Jardany (John)
Jilé (Cándido)
Jinoquio (Alexander)
Joronosco (Knut)
Liyac (Thomas)
Lombardó (Leon)
Majoré (Faustus)
Majoró (Justus)
Manfariel (Angel)
Mitichó (Severus)
Ñuntivé (Jules)
Pacuaró (Perfecto)
Pipindorio (Anthony)
Pobeá (Jesus)
Quidicó (Casimir)
Simprofié (Joseph)
Zache (Felix)Feminine names
MN= Marian name without equivalence in EnglishArdiñipén (Natividad) (MN)
Bujoní (Prudence)
Burjachiquí (Barbara)
Chachipira (Pura) (MN)
Chanorgú (Olvido) (MN)
Chimuclaní (Glory)
Chocoronú (Remedios) (MN)
Chucarris (Angustias) (MN)
Ciba (Maravillas) (MN)
Cojiñí (Rose)
Debliá (Virginia)
Dobastró (Rosario) (MN)
Dojiá (Assumpta)
Dunduñí (Claire)
Furunedes (Mercedes) (MN)
Gildí (Azucena)
Givés (Nieves) (MN)
Golipén (Salud) (MN)
Graná, Grañita (dim. Josephine)
Ineriqué (Amparo) (MN)
Jahivé (Aurora)
Jilí (Candida)
Lajariá (Adoración) (MN)
Listraba (Liberata)
Majaris (Santas)
Mericlén (Coral)
Mermeyí (Candelaria) (MN)
Molchibé (Natividad) (MN)
Mumely (Luz) (MN)
Ocán (Sol) (MN)
Ompión (Sagramento) (MN)
Orchilí (Athanasia)
Ostelinda, Tematea (Mary)
Pacuarí (Perfecta)
Pajabí (Thekla)
Paratató (Consuelo) (MN)
Plasñí (Blanche)
Puñiés (Dolores) (MN)
Sardañí (Grace)
Satdiñela (Concepción) (MN)
Silás (Virtudes) (MN)
Trejú (Cruz)
Trifuscó (Paz)
Trimurti (Trinity)
Uchó (Rocío) (MN)
Ujaranza (Hope)
Vaí (Eva)
Zujenia (Martha)
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Two thingsFirst: Do a search in the search box. Second, this would be better posted on the opinions board.
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I agree about searching . . .. . . but this is a factual request, not opinions.
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I take it you're not looking for Esmerelda either? ;) Anyway, I would look up names from Romania. These are some names I found that I liked:
And there are more!
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Romani and Romanian aren't the same o_O
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