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Subject: Meaning of 'Mordred'?
Author: Gavy   (guest)
Date: December 30, 2003 at 3:22 PM

Mordred: m The name of King Arthur's illegitimate son by his sister, Morgawse. The earliest form of the name is Medrawt,from Annals of Cambria,written in 10th century.

Possible meanings: Dread of the Sea- (welsh 'mor') ('mar');dred could possibly be Middle English form of 'dread'? ,Death- (French 'Morte'), Death-Cousel- (French 'Morte' and OE 'raed')

Those are just me brainstorming, I don't know whether any of those are correct ('cept where the name appears)...any other ideas though? I especially can't find much on 'Medrawt' also appears as "Medraut". I'm pretty sure it's Welsh though, like most beginnings of Arthurian stuff.


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