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Subject: Rhys?
Author: CN   (Authenticated as CSwe)
Date: October 13, 2008 at 6:13:46 AM
I wonder about the pronounciation of Rhys? Is there any possibility that the rye-s (not like 'rice') pronounciation could be legit? I saw a discussion on another board a while ago that indicated that the
rye-s pronounciaiton is used as well. Personally, I love Rhys (rye-s) and that is how I would pronounce it intuitively but I would never use a name and pronounce it incorrectly.


C'est beaucoup moins inquiétant de parler du mauvais temps
En chantant
Et c'est tellement plus mignon de se faire traiter de con
En chanson.
La vie c'est plus marrant, c'est moins désespérant en chantant.

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