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Subject: Surname Rangel
Author: Mark Rangel - Rangel 2020   (guest)
Date: October 25, 2005 at 2:00:21 AM
Hey Mark. I have some brief info on this surname RANGEL. It is also my last name. I trace my last name RANGEL from Germany. The surname RANGEL is the German word "Ragin-Walt" a Mighty Ruler. I believe this name is an Asturian origin. I also found another same name but the letter W in front of the name RANGEL -WRANGEL- other German name. I also trace in Cyndi's List RANGEL found in Russia and in Poland. It is interesting that I found RANGEL in the old english name Hringan meaning a bell ringer. Since most of the english words comes from the German. If you any question please email me at
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