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Re: Have you Heard of this name- Hylin
The novel your father was reading was probably Sword at Sunset by Rosemary Sutcliff. It is a retelling of Arthurian legend. In the novel the character based on Arthur is called Artos and the character based on Guenevere is called Guenhumara, and Hylin is their daughter.I do not know if Rosemary Sutcliff invented the name Hylin herself or found it somewhere. However, if she was trying to write an accurate historical novel based on Arthurian legend, she would have been trying to find or create a name that was Celtic, not Old English, and that should be more related to the modern Welsh language than the English language. It looks like she might have based it on the modern Welsh name Heulwen, which is pronounced "HYL-wen".
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Thank you so much for your help, Sword at Sunset was the novel my father read, I remember it from my childhood, my daughter will be very happy to get some validation to her name, regardless of its origins I think it is a most beautiful sounding name, I thank you also for clearing up where it would have originated from. Kind Regards Bronwyn.
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Yes! Someone else who has read that book!THat was the first thing I though of, when I saw Hylin.
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