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Subject: Etymology of FURIO
Author: FURIO   (guest)
Date: April 7, 2009 at 6:07 AM

From the Roman nomen "Furius" through the Latin adjective "furiosus" from the Latin name "furia" (=madness, fury, rage).

The "Gens Furia", as the Romans called them, was also the name of a fierce and warlike tribe from Tusculum, a locality in the Lazio region in Italy.

A people of Etruscan origin, the etymology of their name is unknown and it is therefore thought that early Romans coined the words "furiosus" (adjective) and "Furius" (personal name) from it to describe people, ultimately of whatever ethnic background, who exhibited similar character traits and like behaviour, on as well as off the battlefield.

As his name tells us, Marcus Furius Camillus - the so-called Second Founder of Rome - was a direct descendant of these people.

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