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Subject: Origin and/or Meaning of given name REASON
Author: tehoop   (Authenticated as tehoop)
Date: April 22, 2009 at 12:30 AM

A user (on this site) has listed the name REASON, in the masculine usage, as a Puritanical name. I am interested in finding the origin of the name and its meaning.
My great, great grandfather's given name is REASON. Some say it is pronounced just as it sounds - as in Season. Others suggest it's pronounced RE-Ason - or - Re - A - Son. I've seen it spelled Rayson as well.
You would think a name like Reason is unique, but between about 1700 to 1860s, especially in the South, there are numerous men who are named Reason, none of which is my gggrandfather.
I am looking for the origin of the name, either as a given name or surname and the meaning of the name (if it has one).
A suggestion is made that the name is Irish or Scottish but I would like to find out for sure and find out where the name originated.

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