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Norwegian pronunciation - Magdali
In Norway, would Magdali be pronounced MAG-də-lee? I have an ancestor by this name and want to be sure I'm saying it right.
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Mag-da-LI, most likely have taken the pronunciation from Slavic languages via the Hebrew name "Magdalene/ Magdalena", a place name from the Bible, most likely derived from the name "Mary Magdalene": Mary from Magdalene.
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I'm pretty sure the emphasis is on Li. The Scandivanian Li can be used on it's own or as an "additon" to names (often hyphenated which is quite popular right now) such as Anneli, Tuva-li, Irma-li, Saga-li etc
I would think that Magdali is a composition of Magda and Li and the pronunciation would thus be magda-LEE or possibly mag-DALI.
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