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Subject: Fionnuir and Draighean?
Author: Mekare   (Authenticated as Lunar_Wolf)
Date: August 12, 2010 at 7:14:47 PM
I'm wondering about the Irish name Fionnuir, meaning "White ghost" or "White sprite". Fionnuir is a female name pronounced fenoor.

However, I can't seem to find any other sites that have any information on it. It's been rather difficult. If anybody has any information on Fionnuir at all, I'd love to hear it; it'd be really appreciated.

The other one is Draighean. This one's a little easier to find out stuff about, but I'm still struggling to come up with any other information. Draighean is Irish and means "Blackthorn". Pronounced drain or dray-un, I believe.

Also, for the two, I'm wondering about it's usage and popularity during anywhere from 1900 to 1947. How common were both of these, etc.

Thanks! This will be for an Irish character set in that time, just so everyone knows. ^-^

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