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Subject: Weird weird :)
Author: Shalane   (guest)
Date: October 18, 2011 at 2:55:01 AM
i came across this site and found this very strange. i found this message dated 16 Dec 2005:

"my name's shalane and ive always wanted to know what it meant, but i've never been able to figure out the meaning. all i know is that i was named after shalane mccall, and actress of a soap opera.... and i also know that there's different ways to spell shalane, but even the varied spelling doesn't seem to come up with meanings. for those that don't know you pronounce it "sha-lane" -- not "shee-lane" or "shay-lane." if anyone could help me out that would be SUPER AWESOME!!"

my reason for finding this so strange, is that my name is Also shalane, i was Also named after Shalane Mccall from the dallas soapie, and i have been called so many names in my lifetime...... shay-lane and shee-lene being 2 of them.

still dont know what my name means.... but think its pretty darn cool :)

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