Russian nicknames for Luiza?
Russian names and nicknames are normally my biggest area of onomastic expertise, but since Luiza is a fairly modern addition, it's hard to find any real information on it. I imagine Lusya might be one possibility, or Iza, though I want to avoid Iza, since it's so close to Isa, the Estonian word for father, given that this character has friends of Estonian descent. Thanks for any help!

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Liza (Лиза)
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My mind jumped to Lusha / Луша. So I googled "Луша Луиза" and it came up with some kind of small Russian series or franchise of some kind called Dnevnik Luizy Lozhkinoi (Diary of Luiza Lozhkina) and it appears that the titular character is called Lusha for short. I don't think Lusya is such a stretch from Lusha at all. these Russian sites I found:
Лиза / Liza
Луизка / Luizka
Иза / IzaLonger pet forms
Луизочка / Luizochka
Луизонька / LuizonkaI've looked through a few Russian sites and the most prominent nicknames seem to be Luizka and Liza. I understand not all of the nicknames listed on the second site are Russian but I saw Lucha / Луча, its similarity to luch / луч made it quite cute.

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