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Subject: Re: My sons name is not listed. Searched...none found.
Author: thegriffon   (Authenticated as thegriffon)
Date: January 17, 2018 at 12:21:25 AM
Reply to: My sons name is not listed. Searched...none found. by Amanda Sheets
Is it any surprise it's not listed if it's a personal family creation? The "meanings" listed by the other sites you quote appear to be nothing more than randomly generated "fortunes". Your Social Security figures are contradictory — if one person was named Aylon in 1884, five in 2009, and another (your son) in 2012, then there must be at least seven people with the name Aylon born between 1884 and 2016, not five. Aylon, or Ayllón is a historic locality in Spain, and thus a Spanish surname (both spellings are recorded for the locality and in surnames), and the majority of personal names are probably derived thus. No meaning or origin for the name of the locale is known. Of course a few occurrences may be new inventions along the lines you did yourself — they cannot be said to have the same meaning, after all not only is Aylon a location in Spain, but in Hausa it means "hello", which is neither here nor there, as the two words are entirely unrelated.

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