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the Name Browser
There are some changes to browsing names on the site.1. There is now a dedicated page to begin your browsing: Search criteria will show at the top of the page and can be modified without having to open the advanced search form (as long as the search is not too complex)3. The rhyming search is back after an absence of several years!4. When searching by number of syllables or sound, you can specify the language5. The search criteria are a little easier to open, since you can click anywhere on the title, not just the checkbox6. Bug fixes to the search by sound... eg. names that start with a fricative and end with a "t" sound:*t

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I'm amazed you can keep finding things to add to the search. I'm frequently telling people (sometimes here, sometimes on reddit) about how powerful and useful the search is. A small suggestion I got from a conversation on reddit: Put a link to this search on the front page. I can tell people all day long about how awesome it is, but that means nothing if they can't find it or it's too hard to get to.
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Do you mean the rhyming search? It's kind of esoteric for the front page I think...Or do you mean the advanced search itself? You can access that from the "names" menu on any page.
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I mean the advanced search itself. I know how to get to it, but I've gotten the impression that a lot of other people don't and they miss out on how good the search really is. The thread I was in on reddit was complaining about Nameberry's snide little opinions on their entries; the commenter I talked to said it was unfortunate that their entries were so biased because she liked their search feature. I came in to praise BTN's amazing search and showed her some examples. Her reply:
QuoteI didn't know it could do that! I guess I think NB has a more intuitive search tool for the average user. Not only did it take me a lot of clicking to find BTN's full options filtering page, it took a lot of tinkering to understand how to use it.

Obviously do whatever you think is best, but I've been meaning to mention it and a thread about a search update seemed appropriate.
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Hmm, point taken. Maybe a link on the front page near the search bar would be in order (in addition to the menu link). That gear icon could be the link instead of changing what you search for... Does anyone still use that gear to set their search?
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I hope you get some answers. Personally I've never used it, but I'm almost never on the homepage either.
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Yay! Awesome :)
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