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Pronunciation of Tone Kwas
Hi --I've been searching diligently for the pronunciation of Big Band trumpeter, orchestra leader, composer, and educator Tone Kwas -- but with little success. Wiktionary suggests that, generally, "Tone" should be pronounced as is the common noun "tone.", not altogether helpfully gives a list of rhyming words for "Kwas": Iowas Ojibwas Ottawas schwas was twas does buzz schemas crush.Any jazz aficionado out there who happens to know how musician Tone Kwas name is pronounced?Thanks in advance!
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With 100% certainty, I can tell you the pronunciation of his first name is simply "tone," like a musical tone. Not "tone--ee!"
How do I know this?
He was my teacher, a mentor, my employer (for one gig, while I was in the 9th grade!).
I had an interesting relationship with the guy. In 7th grade, he "demoted" me from 'A' band to 'B' band (in front of the whole band; because I got nervous and couldn't hit a few high notes)...and in later years, he became my "champion," in hiring me and a few friends to play for his daughter's (or niece's?) party. Senior year, he was part of the faculty that voted me the annual award in the music department.
- Ron Darian
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Judith--I just rec'd the answer from the trumpeter himself:"quas....use a k...kwas hope that helps"Alex
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Is it possible that Tone is a variant spelling of Tony, pronounced the same but spelled differently? I couldn't find anything for the pronunciation of the name either but that's my guess.
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