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Hey so I've come across this name randomly on Facebook. It's from a profile of a black man from an unknown location, but somewhere that can grow (what appears to be) banana plants. I want to add it to the database, but I can't be sure what to put down for culture/language. There is an actor called Zubby Michael from Nigeria, though, but it also appears it might be a nickname if we're going by his profile;"Azubuike Michael Egwu professionally known as Zubby Michael"
Should I list it as Nigerian and as a possible nickname for Azubuike?
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From what I could find, Zubby is used as a pet-form of Azubuike (Buike and Azu are other nicknames) so I would agree that it can be used as a nickname for Azubuike. However, I've also seen Azubuike listed as being an Igbo name, the Igbo being a tribe located in southeastern Nigeria. I'm only bringing it up because I don't know whether Azubuike is used exclusively for men who are part of the Igbo tribe or whether it's used by other ethnic groups in Nigeria in spite of its origin. I would say list its origin as both Nigerian and Igbo just to be on the safe side.

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