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Does anyone know where this name comes from? I came across it a while ago as the name of the head of the New York City Department of Health and I was intrigued by her name. I've tried looking myself but so far haven't found anything behind the name. Dr. Barbot is a New Yorker with a Puerto Rican background so I assume her name has a Spanish origin. I've come across some sites listing it as a variant of Osiris but I'm not sold on it. I've also come across osyris, the name of a genus of plants, a type of sandalwood. The origin of the name comes from Ancient Greek ozos (όζος) meaning "node; nodule" via Ancient Greek ozos (ὄζος) meaning "bough, branch" (όζος#Greek). I don't know if Oxiris derives from this source but I'm more inclined to believe this origin than Osiris, and it's all I've come up with so far. Can anyone help?Interestingly her surname, Barbot, is French, though I don't know if it's her maiden name or married name. As for the name's pronunciation it's ox-ee-ris (
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My first thought was, "maybe it's Native American?" I was fascinated by her name as well. =)
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Like the Native American name Xochitl, pronounced "SO-chee", the 'X' is used like our 'S'. Thought that might help.
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Oxiris could be a made up name.Puerto Rico ( as well as the rest of Latin America) received immigrants from all over the world, her surname being French is not unusual.
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I couldn't really find that much information on the name, other than it being of Spanish origin. Because of the spelling with the X, to me it would seem to be Basque. Maybe that's something to explore? Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
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Thanks. The x made me wonder if it had a Basque origin, or maybe it's a Basque form of a Spanish name or word? Oxiris truly is a unique name.
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