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Subject: Re: Ashley for a boy
Author: Daividh   (guest)
Date: May 5, 2001 at 10:52:07 AM
Reply to: Ashley for a boy by Caroline
Hello Caroline,

First, I should observe that I find none of the possible middle names cited especially masculine. I doubt anyone seeing them in writing only is going to assume that the bearer is male.

Moreover, "Ashley River" is a well-known waterway in South Carolina (any native of that state will tell you that Charleston is the place where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers come together to form the Atlantic Ocean).

Ashley Brentley has too many -leys, while Ashley Chorde (w/ acute mark) sounds like an exotic dancer. Not exactly the image a future fighter pilot or diesel mechanic wants to convey.

I have noted before that we have two male family friends named Ashley, both in their early 20's and uncompromisingly masculine. Both, given a choice, would rather be named Egbert or Percival (well, maybe not Percival) than Ashley.

Her bizarre penchant for anagrammed names aside, Nanaea is as usual the bearer of sound advice in suggesting "Ashton" as an alternative. It'll greatly reduce your friend's chance of being murdered in her sleep by her own son in 15 years.

God Bless All Here,


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