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Subject: Re: It's me again..
Author: Colleen   (guest)
Date: May 7, 2001 at 8:11:00 PM
Reply to: It's me again.. by Hayley
Here is my opinion

Ariel : Beautiful name is the e unstressed or stressed ariEl or just Ariel ? Think of Ariella to like that one a bit more.

Hope : Very nice may become over used or maybe just popular
Hannah : To popular have never REALLY liked it

Sara : Not very unique try changing it a little like Saria Sari Sarea Sarae Saranda
Melanie : Pretty but used alot another one of those you could alter: Melania Melanium Melany Melanite Melanies

Rayne: Pretty, Different nice spelling I like It!@!@!@!

Amanda : Like Music!!!

Taylor : I really like names that are feminine if there a girl and masculine if a boy so no

Mary : Nice a little old fationed

Daphne : Very nice really like it!!!

Penelope : A little pippy long stockings if you know what I mean!

Marie : Like this name alot better than Mary

Ella : Have always liked this name Colleen

Whitney : Houston!! Beautiful





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