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Subject: 'The Great Big Book of Baby Names' by our very own Dr. Evans
Author: Pavlos   (Authenticated as Pavlos)
Date: June 9, 2006 at 3:52:55 AM
I was very happy to receive Cleveland's book in the mail a few days ago. The book’s title, "The Great Big Book of Baby Names," is a bit of a misnomer: it should read "The Great Big Scholarly Book of Name Etymologies and Facts Cleverly Disguised as a Baby Name Book." The beauty of this book is that it should pleasantly engage both worlds: dorky folks such as myself who are interested in the background and meaning of names, as well as estrogen-overdosed-clueless-parents-to-be; and it will do so without boring, intimidating nor annoying either side. I appreciated its sense of humor, as well as the anecdotes presented in the introductory chapter.

I was also impressed by the coverage of Greek names. I am looking forward to sending the good Professor some extra info on some of them, and hope the next edition will also include the name of my own kids, Nephele and Konstantinos :) Once again, congrats and thanks!

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