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Subject: Re: advise on my friends baby girls name
Author: Hayley   (guest)
Date: May 8, 2001 at 4:51:56 PM
Reply to: advise on my friends baby girls name by **JEN***
Cassidy-GREAT name! Nickname could be Cassi
Regan-Don't really like
Scarlett - LOVE IT!! Scarlett O' Hara! Nice old fashioned name.
Summer - NO! To hippie.
Alice - Too old fashioned.
Amber-Too popular
Carolyn - Not my type
Angela - Too popular
Heidi - Too "Meadow " type...not a city name
Hannah - Love it! It will never go out of style.
Jamie lee-lyn- NO!
Sarah Jane - NO~
Jillian - Jack and
Jolie - No
Litia- I like Lydia better.
Robin = It's ok
Olivia - A nice name.
Sydney - See above
Gabriel - No
Sabrina - Teenage
April - No
May - No
Melanie - Yes yes yes!
Veronica - It's ok.
Charlotte - See above
Lucy-See above.
Daphne - See above.
Theresa - See above.
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