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Subject: Re: OT attn: Pavlos
Author: Lucy   (Authenticated as Lucy M)
Date: June 15, 2006 at 9:56:11 AM
Reply to: OT attn: Pavlos by Mar
I'm not Pavlos, but I may be able to answer. :)

My understanding is that there are five rivers in the Underworld: Acheron - the river of woe; Styx - the river of hate; Lethe - the river of forgetfulness; Cocytus - the river of lamentation (which flows into Acheron); Phlegethon - the river of fire. Acheron and Styx are not the same, but it is a common misconception. Acheron is more like a lake but was often called a river, whilst the River Styx wrapped around the Underworld nine times. In the original Greek and Roman sources, aswell as in Dante, it was Acheron that Charon crossed.


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