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Subject: Balloon trick: In Honour of Nephele
Author: Selwyn   (guest)
Date: May 13, 2001 at 8:31:38 AM
Reply to: Balloon trick: Wonders of the World by Selwyn
This trick is especially done in honour of Nephele, for as we know it is her birthday today!
The inpressive part of this trick lies not so much in the shape of the balloon creation as in the authenticity of the creation.
Behold while I fill these prima balloons with helium.
Not only can Helium make your voice sound like Mickey Mouse, but also does it make ballons float!
*fills several thousand balloons with helium*
And now I will combine these helium filled balloons so that they form a real sized spring cloud! I know you do not believe me but look and learn!
*balloons are combined and some explodes now and then*
Behold ye all!
Not only have I created a full size spring cloud
*the balloon creation begins to take off into the sky*
But also have I mounted a seat on top of it wherefrom
*Selwyn's voice begins to grow fainter as the balloons raises*
you can take good look at things from above
*Selwyn's voice is now almost out of hearing range*
and from above or from the moon one's problems often seem small and insignificant and thus easy to solve, that is if one has probems I mean and landing on the moon would as well secure that one would be remembered at least as the 4th of mankind who set foot on the moon
and since they left their mooncar up there one could go and take a ride and...
*luckily the balloon had at this point removed itself so much from earth that one could no longer hear the silly ramblings of Selwyn anylonger*

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