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Subject: Re: Nan, (sniff) could you please hand me a tissue? (sniff) *tears* (n/t):P
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: June 2, 2001 at 7:28:47 PM
Reply to: Re: Nan, (sniff) could you please hand me a tissue? (sniff) *tears* (n/t):P by Daividh
"That's right. This is really a loving and forgiving lot, despite occasional appearances. But like introducing yourself into any established group, you've got to tread lightly and observe the conventions or yer toast."

******Hey, I mainly come here to chillax. :)

"JEN brought this on herself. What part of "Please take baby name opinions to Haggisbutt" do you suppose she didn't understand? The nasty part came only after repeated attempts to get the message across."

******Like I said before, she ain't seen *real* "nasty" yet. Some people just don't learn not to poke sticks at the wolf, until they get their hand bitten off.

"I have, in fact, stayed out of this because of health concerns and because it's been a WORK WEEK FROM HELL! That's all behind, thankfully."

******Major sympathy to you on the work week from Hell. Tho', if you ask me, Hell is a pretty cool place. :)

"Let us hope JEN gets the intended message AND continues posting on this board in the appropriate context. I always feel when we just end up running people off, that we've lost something... "

******You're so sentimental, Daividh . :) I don't really think anyone has ever been run off this board. Mike C. is a pretty equitable guy, and wouldn't ban someone based solely on the fact that the person in question isn't liked that much by others here. And, I don't think anyone here would expect Mike C. to do that, either. If somebody leaves, that's their choice. Ain't nobody makin' 'em leave. Unless, of course, Mike decides to ban them for the sanity and sanctity of the Board. :)

"Totally Off-Topic, but yer a DOG PERSON:"

******I'm an Alpha Female!

"My parents, at their advanced age (late 70's), decided to get a puppy from the shelter. It's 13 weeks old, very cute, and well-behaved. Dad says it's "Lab and something else". My wife and I took one look and pronounced that "something else" to likely be St. Bernard . It's black and white, but the head's right, the build's right, the feet are enormous, and it's 25 pounds at three months. Whaddaya think: is this likely to be a BIG DOG?"

******That's gonna be a freakin' HORSE! Man, your parents can save big on gas now. All they need to do is throw a saddle over that big dawg and laff at their neighbors swearin' 'bout rising prices at the gas pump. :)

-- Nanaea

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