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SelwynHave you ever been so caught up in a book or a paper that the next thing you know the library is closing? I've actually "blanked out" in the pages of a good book.Imagine for a moment: You arrive at your local library at 10:30, pick out a book to look at, then the next thing you know it's 20:30, the lights are being turned off and the head librarian or security guard is gently clasping your shoulder to gain your attention. Trust me, it's an experience. ;)
About being thrown out of three more public libraries: I'm unfortunately well known for escaping into a good book or search. That and I'm known on a first-name basis at three libraries (one sends get well soon cards if the librarians don't see me at the library for a week).Any more questions? I'm more than happy to answer (as long as they're not too personal).Phyllis (aka Sidhe Uaine or Gaia Euphoria)
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