Subject: Re: Apology
Author: Preppie Satan   (guest)
Date: August 18, 2001 at 5:52:50 AM
Reply to: Re: Apology by richard
You appear to be new to the 'net, Richard. We Satanists don't tend to give out advice freely, but for you I'm making an exception.

First of all, perhaps the worst thing you did on this board was make yourself look foolish. Even your attempt at being "insulting" was pretty weak, and Pavlos was obviously amused enough by it to make an entertaining comment regarding it in another posting on this board.

Secondly, when visiting any new message board, it's wise to get a "feel" for the place by doing what is known as a bit of "lurking" first. This means that you read other people's postings, so you know a little bit more about how the place operates. If you had done that first, you would have noticed that there is a LOT of good-natured teasing which goes on here. It doesn't mean anything, and all the "RTFM" comments further down in this thread were not being personally directed at you. For you to have taken such comments as personally as you did was silly and defensive.

Thirdly, you did good by providing more info on the name you're inquiring about. You'd said previously that the name had been in your family for several generations. Do you know where your family came from before they were in North Carolina? Perhaps the name has a European origin which one of us might research for you?

Finally... you wrote: "However I must say that the 'humor' displayed by your friends on this site reminds me of the "preppies" at my daughter's school who tend to make fun of the disabled and those without the financial resources to wear the "right" clothes. I find it quite distaseful."

It's poor form to wind up an apology with a disclaimer. But since this apology was directed to Pavlos and not me, I'll let Pavlos decide whether it's worth accepting.

-- Preppie Satan (a.k.a. Nanaea)

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