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I personally like this name! If you want to use nicknames, I can see Allie/Ally & Thea being used. I picture a young woman with an almost innocent air of honesty, presenting information as she sees it & firmly refusing to deviate from that.
Also Romani (archaic): -- his wife.
I am called Alethia, and that's another name for Althea if you want to use a simpler version of it.
I'm so excited to hear others named Alethea for the same reason as me! My mom also named me after the character in KungFu played by Jody Foster.
I was born in the 70's & I hated my name growing up, I wanted a "normal" name. I love it and appreciate it now as an adult. I have never really had any nicknames that have stuck. It has been pronounced so many different times and ways I quit correcting people. Yay Alethea.
Absolutely gorgeous. Alethea is beautiful name because it's very unique and an alternative of Althea ❤️❤️.
Ugh, another creative name. Just use Althea.
My father changed the spelling of mine to Alythia, and we've always pronounced it the common way: "uh-lee-thia", though I respond to (and love) when people pronounce it the proper Greek way: "ah-LEE-thia". I strongly dislike "uh-lay-thay-uh" and find it odd.
I love it! It's very Greek, and a nice alternative to Athena, though I love that one more. Ale is a good nickname. So is Thea/Theia or Theo. I actually prefer the spelling Aletheia, though.
My first name is Alethea pronounced uh LEE thee uh. I was born in July 1974 and was named by my father after he heard the name used in one episode of the TV series Kung Fu (a previous commenter has described this episode). He had to research the meaning of the name in an encyclopedia and, upon discovering that it is the Greek word for truth, he decided this would be my name.Interestingly, though I have traveled all over the world, I have only personally met a handful of people with the name Alethea spelled and pronounced the same way. I encountered the first one on an airplane back in 1999 (it was a family name). I met the first Alethea who had the name for the exact same reason I do (her parents watched the TV show) in Portland, Ore. In July 2015 at a beer festival. She is about the same age as I am. Strangely enough, the second (and only other) Alethea I've met who has the name for the same reason and is the same age ALSO lives in Portland, Ore.!
In my whole life I've never met another that had my name. I go by Alethea (Uh-Lee-Thee-UH) I never allow people to shorten it because it isn't just my name, it's what resembles my entire being. Before I was born my mother was told over 3 times to abort me on account of possible medical complications that would have caused me to pass away after 5 days. My mother said if I died it would be in her arms knowing I was loved, so when I was a day
or two old my mama noticed I screamed bloody murder whenever she called me the name she had chosen which meant prayer. So she opened a baby book and started to read off names she liked. I continued screaming till she said Alethea, and I giggled for one of the first times in my whole little life. So I picked this name, and wherever I go and read about my name it's like I wrote it myself. I'll never shorten it because I love the name so very much. I'm so happy that there are others with the name!
We named our daughter, now 3 months old, Alethea. We use the less common pronunciation (but the first we heard) uh-LAY-thee-uh. We love it, and hope that she will speak truth in love.
The name Alethea was given to 39 girls born in the US in 2015.
Strong, independent, intelligent, classy and shamelessly feminine but not too frilly! I love this name!
I too have had difficulty with people saying my name strangely, as a server I shortened it to Ali, tired of having 5 min conversations re: my name. My family still call my "Aleetheea". I like my full name and like the meaning of it, only hope that I can live up to it. Have a great day.
Alethea Austin is an aerial pole dancer most well-known for winning the United States Pole Dance Federation (USPDF) Championship in 2010. She is regarded as one of the preeminent competing pole dancers and instructors in the world.
I knew someone who bore this name, which is why, for me, this beautiful name will always bring to mind a strong spirit who's not afraid to be frank, yet always aims to "speak the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15) -- where "love" refers to "agapê", or universal love for others.
It does sound pretty, but I prefer Althea.
Sounds like somebody with a lisp trying to say Alicia. It's annoying, I dislike it.
Alethea was a major character in The Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
Very classic. And I love that the name was coined in the 1600s--it sounds like something Shakespeare would've used.
I find this name rather complicated, but pretty nonetheless.
Alethea was the name of a little girl played by the very young Jodie Foster on one episode of the highly popular television miniseries "Kung Fu". Alethea is deceived by something that she sees and misinterprets it, she later realizes she is wrong and tells the truth which frees the main character. Alethea means "truth", this little girl embodies the truth.
My name is Athena and I'm such a narcissist (in the classic meaning of the word) that I'll probably name my daughter Alethea to be similar.
I have always been known as Thea and was only ever called Alethea when naughty. However, when I started work at my current place of employment for some reason, despite me saying I prefer to be called Thea, almost everyone calls me Alethea. Or at least they try to. A couple get it right, but I still after 2 years regularly get Al-a-thea, Ale-thea, Al-thea, Al-ee-tha even Anthea, even though my work email has my proper name attached to it and I always sign as Thea.
I never really though about how I say my name until all this business but I guess I pronounce it Uh-LEE-thee-ah or A-LEE-thee-a.
In ancient Greek, the second syllable of this word is the stressed one. So, the most correct pronunciation is a-LEE-thee-a.
My name is Aletheia. And I say it UH-lay-thay-uh.
Alethea McGrath is an Australian actress who played the role of Jocasta Nu in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
Very pretty name, though I could see how others may mistake it for you saying "Alicia" with a speech impediment. But I like this name. Plus, there are many different ways you could choose to say it, so you can be rather unique with it!
Like the commenters above, the only Alethea I know pronounces her name "a-LEE-thee-a".
The only person I've ever met with this name pronounced it "a-LEE-tha", with the second e in Alethea being silent. I think it is very pretty, and love the meaning. However, the al-e-THEE-a pronunciation reminds me of Alicia with a lisp. It's still pretty, though.
I think Alethea is a beautiful name, but I know an Alethea and a lot of people mishear it as "Alicia".
The name is actually pronounced "a-LEE-the-a".
It's pronounced "a LEE thee a" - that's the way I pronounce it, anyway, and everyone else I've ever heard of that has it as a name pronounces it. Also have known a few Greek speakers and that is the way they pronounce it as well. [noted -ed]
In a book I read, a character was named Alethea. She wasn't truthful or trustworthy at all. She was deceitful, bad, and a liar. She teased men with her beautiful looks, pretended to love them. Then, once she got bored of them, she would move onto another man, elf, or even dwarf!
In Greek mythology, Alethea was the daughter of Zeus and Arete, the personification of truth.