Name Element 'AZAR

Type Word
Scripts עָזַר(Ancient Hebrew)

Meaning & History

Hebrew word meaning "to help" [1].

Related Items

Given Name DescendantsAzarel, Azariah, Azriel, Esdras, Ezra(Biblical) Azarias, Esdras(Biblical Greek) Azarel, 'Azaryah, 'Azri'el, 'Ezra'(Biblical Hebrew) Azarias, Ezras(Biblical Latin) Azaria, Ezra(English) Azaria, Ezra(Hebrew) Azrael, Izrail(Judeo-Christian Legend)
Surname DescendantEzra(Jewish)

Sources & References

  1. Strong, James. The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, entry H5826, available from
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