Name Element KARETI

Type Word

Meaning & History

Old Celtic word meaning "to love, to desire" [1].

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Other Languages & Culturescaraid(Old Irish) caru(Old Welsh)
Given Name DescendantsCerdic(Anglo-Saxon) Caradoc, Caradog(Arthurian Cycle) Caratācos, Caratacus(Brythonic) Cedric, Caris(English) Cédric(French) Carthach(Old Irish) Caratauc(Old Welsh) Caradoc, Caradog, Carys, Ceri, Cerys(Welsh)
Surname DescendantsMac Cárthaigh, MacCarthy, McCarthy(Irish)

Sources & References

  1. Matasović, Ranko. Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic. Brill, 2009, page 191.
Entry updated December 7, 2022