Name Element WENIZ

Type Word & Element

Meaning & History

Germanic word meaning "friend" [1][2].

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Other Languages & Cultureswine(Anglo-Saxon) wini(Frankish) wini(Old High German) vinr(Old Norse) wini(Old Saxon)
Given Name DescendantsÆlfwine, Eadwine, Wine(Anglo-Saxon) Edvin(Danish) Edwin(Dutch) Alvena, Alvin, Alvina, Edwin, Edwina, Elvin, Elvina, Elvis, Elwin, Elwyn, Edweena, Edwena, Edwyn, Edwyna, Wynne(English) Edvin(Estonian) Edvin(Finnish) Otwin(German) Alboin, Alfwin, Audowin, Wina(Germanic) Edvin(Hungarian) Edvīns(Latvian) Edvinas(Lithuanian) Audoin(Lombardic) Ailín(Medieval Irish) Audun, Edvin(Norwegian) Albaweniz, Audaweniz(Old Germanic) Alfvin, Auðun(Old Norse) Alvin, Edvin(Swedish)
Surname DescendantsAlvin, Elwin, Elwyn, Wynne(English)
Same Spellingwēniz

Sources & References

  1. Kroonen, Guus. Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic. Brill, 2013, page 579.
  2. Orel, Vladimir. A Handbook of Germanic Etymology. Brill, 2003, page 455.
Entry added December 7, 2022