Licensing Information

Some of the data on this website, including names, genders, usage information, and related/alternate names, is available to be licensed.

Available Information

Data can be provided in different formats to suit different needs. Typically, the following information can be provided for each name.

  • flat name, the name without diacritics
  • name, the name including diacritics
  • gender
  • usage, the ethnicities/languages associated with the name
  • related/alternate names, other names related to the name, including short forms, diminutives, forms in other languages, forms in other genders, etc., depending on needs
  • popularity

Data example

Depending on needs, the usage and related name information (which are lists) can be either collated into delimited lists (as shown below) or provided on separate lines.

abelAbelmEnglish,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Biblical,Biblical Latin,Biblical GreekAapeli,Ábel,Abele,Hebel,Hevel


Free API access is available. See the API page for more information about the services available.


  1. Provided data is for internal use or background processing only.
  2. Data may not be displayed publicly (on a website or otherwise).
  3. Data may not be resold.


For more information and/or a quote, please contact us.