Ethnologue  Provides information on practically any language in existence.
 Encyclopedia Mythica  A mythological encyclopedia.
 Greek Mythology Link  All about Greek mythology.
 King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table  A listing of online dictionaries and other language tools.
 Omniglot  Writing systems and languages of the world.
 Blue Letter Bible  All words are clickable.
 Lists of Rulers  Lists of kings, emperors, and rulers from all times and places.
 List of Saints  Saints with brief biographies.
 List of Corporations


 Online Etymology Dictionary  English word etymologies.
 Take Our Word for It  A weekly etymology magazine.
 Dave Wilton's Etymology Page  Origins of several words.


 Behind the Surname  Sister site to Behind the Name.
 Czech Surnames

General First Name Sites

 Medieval Names Archive  Lots of interesting information.
 An Onomastikon by Kate Monk
 Unusual, Unique and Creative Names
 American Name Society  Devoted to all aspects of all types of names.
 What's in a Name
 Nancy's Baby Names  Blog and name lists.
 Maybe it is Daijirō  Blog and name analysis.
 Value My Name  See how much people with a particular name earn on average.

Humour and Fun
 Carnival of Names
 The Modern Humorist's Baby Naming Guide
 Baby Name Genie
 Boys and Girls  In 3 minutes, guess as many of the top 50 names as you can!

Specific First Name Sites

African Names
 Igbo Names
 Yoruba Names
 Nigerian Names

Albanian Names
 Albanian Names

Arabic Names
 The Meaning of Arabic Names  Only a handful of names.

Armenian Names
 Armenian Male Names and Armenian Female Names
 Armenian Names

Basque Names
 Basque Masculine Names and Feminine Names

Bulgarian Names
 Bulgarian Names  (In Bulgarian)
 Bulgarian Names  (In Bulgarian)

Cornish Names
 Cornish Names

Croatian and Serbian Names
 Croatian Names

Czech and Slovak Names
 Czech Names  (in Czech)

Danish Names
 Danish Name Popularity
 Danish Names  (in Danish)
 Nordic Names  Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish (and more) names.
 Old Norse Names

Dutch Names
 Voornamen Databank  Very comprehensive database of given names.
 Germanic Names in the Low Lands before 1150

Elvish Names
 Elvish Names

Estonian Names
 Pronunciation and Meaning of Estonian Names  (including audio files)

Finnish Names
 Finnish Name Translations  (in Finnish)
 Nordic Names  Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish (and more) names.

French Names
 E-Prenoms  (In French)
 Nominis  (in French)
 Meilleurs Prenoms  (In French)  (In French)

Georgian Names
 Georgian Names  (In Georgian)

German Names
 Beliebte (und seltene) Vornamen  (In German)
 Dein Namens Lexikon  (In German)
 Vornamen Verzeichnis  (In German)
 Germanic Names in the Low Lands before 1150

Greek Names
 Etymologica: Deciphering Hellenic Names
 Greek Names and Namedays  (in Greek)
 Lexicon of Greek Personal Names  Ancient Greek names.

Hebrew Names see Jewish Names

Hungarian Names
 Hungarian Names  (in Hungarian)

Icelandic Names
 Nordic Names  Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish (and more) names.
 Old Norse Names

Indian Names
 Indian Baby Names
 Tamil Names

Iranian/Persian Names
 Persian Boy Names and Girl Names
 Zoroastrian Names

Irish Names
 Irish Names @ NameNerds
 Baby Names of Ireland
 Names of Ireland

Italian Names
 Italian Names  (In Italian)
 L'Italia dei Nomi  (In Italian)

Japanese Names
 Japanese Names
 Beyond Sakura and Hiroshi  (In Kanji)
 Kanji-Fandom  Get the Kanji for your foreign name.

Jewish Names
 My Hebrew Name
 Jewish Given Names  Slides from a presentation.

Lithuanian Names
 Lithuanian Names  (In Lithuanian)

Manx Names
 Manx Christian Names

Maori Names
 Maori Translations of European Names

Norwegian Names
 Norwegian Name Frequency  (in Norwegian)
 Nordic Names  Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish (and more) names.
 Old Norse Names

Persian Names see Iranian Names

Polish Names
 Polish Names and Namedays  (in Polish)

Portuguese Names
 Dicionário de Nomes Próprios  (In Portuguese)

Roman Names
 Using Roman names

Romanian Names
 Romanian Names  (in Romanian)

Russian Names
 Russian Names  (in Russian)
 Russian Names  (in Russian)
 Russian Names  (In French)
 Popular Russian Names For Girls  With pronunciations and transcriptions.
 A Dictionary of Period Russian Names

Scottish Names
 Scottish Names @ NameNerds

Serbian Names see Croatian and Serbian Names

Slovak Names see Czech and Slovak Names

Slovene Names
 Slovene Name Frequency

Spanish Names
 Nombres para tu Bebe  (in Spanish)
 Significado de nombres  (in Spanish)

Swedish Names
 Swedish Names  (In Swedish)
 Swedish Name Frequency
 Nordic Names  Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish (and more) names.
 Old Norse Names

Ukrainian Names
 Ukrainian Names

Vietnamese Names
 Vietnamese Names

Welsh Names
 Welsh Names