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Hey! I'm UltimateTheZekrom. I'm also known as Meyling, Crow, or a rarer username (from my childhood), Kittylovesme. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon, anime, gaming, and food. I like techno, dance, classical, and video game music. I am also a major nerd of the anime 'One Piece'. I really like names and use them for creating stories and characters. It's really fun. - My Least Favorite/Favorite Names At The Moment -
My Most Favorites: Florence, Lewis, Ymir, Clancy, Lance, Marceau
My Least Favorites: Jacob, Derek, - Game Stuff -
My main characters in Mabinogi are Mizuli and Crowy. [NA, Nao (Previously Mari)]
My steam name is Crow, but the ID is /Fumikado
RIP MapleStory 2 :(

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