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Hello, I’m Gaia. I’ve been around here for a year now, and I’m here to find new names, create beautiful name combinations, put my input on names, and get some names for characters from time to time. Sometimes I take breaks from this site, but you can find me on the OPS board and polls. My messages are always open. It’s not finished, but feel free to rate my PNL list.Treat people with kindness, you never know what somebody is going through behind closed doors. It not cute or funny - just nasty and immature.I have a bold cat named Apollo Nyx.♡ Beatrix Luna ♡
♡ Isadora Celeste ♡
♡ Eve Amélie Reine ♡
♡ Zoë Lilith Carina ♡
✧ Evander Zeus ✧
✧ Rainer Maximilian ✧
✧ Odin Casimir Joseph ✧
✧ Linden Aristoteles ✧

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