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Real name Mary Anne Laverne
Location Gliese 1214 b
Birthday December 8, 1911
Hello, my name's Mary. I like all names! I don't think I hate any names, (Gladys is now Florence). I'm not real, I'm the main character of a book that my creator has yet to create! My favourite name is either Adelheid (because of my grandmother), Connie (because of my daughter and Connee Boswell), or Norma (because of my twin sister Norma). I personally like older names like Gertrude and Bertha, rather than some modern name like Kayleigh or Nevaeh. But as I've said earlier, I don't hate any names except for Gladys. I like old music. Remember, I'm only 1 person on the internet so my opinion shouldn't change what you think about a name. I find it funny that many people who leave comments that say they hate the name are anonymous, at least have the guts to say that you hate the name rather than be an anonymous coward. I'm the kind of person to regret saying something after 2 days. Anyways, thanks for reading this. :)

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I think Bob is an okay name. I've only met one Bob in my life and he was a college kid. Bob is not common. I don't really get why everyone says this name is so common and why everyone hates on this name. :/ Why doesn't anyone hate on Sean? Like where's the H? If Sean's pronounced like Shawn then Chelsea should be pronounced as "Chel-Shaw". Overall Bob is a 6/10.
Since there's many parents naming their children -ayden, I'd like to see if anyone is brave enough to name their children Gayden.
St. Agatha was the name of my elementary school. The only Agatha I knew personally was a classmate in the 8th grade, everybody called her "Gathy". I think Agatha is a lovely name, it's very strong compared to Kaitlyn, Hayden, and Olivia. I recommend this name. ")