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NameSian Williams
LocationMid Wales, United Kingdom.

Hi ya/Sut Mae ("Hello" in Welsh)!I currently live in Carmarthen, Wales and I have Welsh, German, and Italian roots. Now and again I'm to be found at Llanrhaeadr, a small village in Mid Wales, where I was born and where my Dad's from (my Mum's from Yorkshire). I'm a student at Trinity College Carmarthen where I'm studying History and my hobbies include most things involving pop culture, really, not including collecting antiques and being a general nerd. I do the web page thing, but I've only done it for around 18 months, so there's lots to improve on. I love reading fiction and non-fiction, especially fantasy and (off-beat) humour, stuff to do with geography and myths, legends and associated whatnot. I've come around to the idea of watching a good film as a top way to relax, so I can often be found in the video rental shop, or the library for the cheaper options. I also love historical re-enactments. Oh, and I'm a total, incurable, hopeless romantic!~Siani