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I'm pretty well rounded. Interests include music, dance, photography, art, sports, hiking, rollerblading, long bike rides, reading, history, foreign languages, trying new things .... and the list goes on. I like to write stories, which is where my "name fetish" comes in. I love looking up names and their meanings. It's common if I wish my name was different, but ultimately my own suits me. If you are just as interested in names as I am, check out the book "The Secret Universe of Names" by Roy Feinson. I find it fasinating.For someone that likes to read and write, I suck at spelling. I accidently found this site when I was looking up information for the speech I am suppose to be writing. lol. I think it is pretty cool because you can read other people's opinions of names and put your own.I'm called Em. I live in NY and I'm pretty random :)