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BrightLittleOwl: BtN's Resident Insomniac and Fairytale Junkie!~ ~ ~Greetings, lords and ladies! I go by Sophie, but if it wasn't for that fact that it would totally confuse people, I would go by a different name every week! I'm an aspiring writer of children's and young adult novels, most particularly fantasy, and a Self Confessed Book-Caterpillar (I dislike the word worm, and caterpillar is the closest creature to a worm I could think of!)I won't bore you all with my lists of favourite books and music, as they really are awfully long (there's a wall in my bedroom that's almost completely covered with lyrics from my favourite songs that I've printed off the computer and blu-tacked in place)! But lets just say that my taste is ecclectic, and supremely fussy.And, of course, to state the obvious, I am a Freakishly Nerdy Name Nerd Freak! (: