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Member since   March 26, 2009
To begin with, my name isn't really Adachi Kyou, although it is my pen name since i tend to write stories and draw a lot. However, even though I have a pseudonym, I have yet to post any of my work on the internet. I like to make things perfect before I show anyone, since I'm slightly a perfectionist. I also to read - a lot. My favorite books are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and a bunch of manga novels I'm much too lazy to list. I enjoy Japanese music mostly, but also listen to a lot of rock (like Three Days Grace and We the Kings) and some country. Please feel free to messaging me! I'm very friendly and like talking to people about nearly anything! Oh! Here's some random facts about me; I was born during a full moon in an ice storm, my Native American zodiac sign is the wolf, my Chinese zodiac is the dog (woof woof!), and my astrological sign is Pisces!