Aleksey   (m)   1629-1676  
Russian Grand Dukes and Tsars   1645-1676
Aleksey, Tsarevich of Russia   (m)   1904-1918  
Other Royalty   1904-1917   Russia   (grand prince)
Aleksey Denisenko   (m)   1993-  
Olympic Medalists   2012   taekwondo   (bronze)
Aleksey Kudryavtsev   (m)   1972-  
Olympic Medalists   1992   swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay   (gold)
Aleksey Leonov   (m)   1934-  
Notable Explorers and Adventurers
Aleksey Obmochaev   (m)   1989-  
Olympic Medalists   2012   volleyball   (gold)
Aleksey Spiridonov   (m)   1951-1998  
Olympic Medalists   1976   hammer throw   (silver)
Aleksey Voyevodin   (m)   1970-  
Olympic Medalists   2004   50 km walk   (bronze)
Aliaksei Abalmasau   (a.k.a. Aleksey)   (m)   1980-  
Olympic Medalists   2008   canoe sprint   (gold)