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One of the main characters of LJ Smith's The Night of the Solstice (1987) was named Alys.
― Anonymous User  10/4/2015
This name isn't as modern or trendy as the spelling might suggest. Famous bearers include Alys of France, Countess of the Vexin (1160 – c. 1220), Canadian singer Alys Robi (1923-2011), and British TV presenter Alys Fowler (born 1978).
ophelia_song  5/18/2012
Alys Pearsall Smith (1867-1951), from Philadelphia, was the first wife of renowned British philosopher Bertrand Russell (Earl Russell) (1872-1970).
Jonquil  9/16/2008
Name of the main character in Vivian Vande Velde's novel, Dragon's Bait.
websurfer  5/2/2006

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