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This name is awesome!

Pronounced dehs-ee-DEH-ree-ah in Swedish.
Beautiful Victory  6/17/2013
Based on having a husband from Argentina, he would pronounce it (to English-speaking ears): Day-see-THEY-dee-ahh (the second D has a "th" sound and the "r" sounds very similar to a "d" in English but much lighter.

It seems very cumbersome to pronounce in Spanish and it is probably given the nickname "Day-see" (Desi)

The French version is much easier to pronounce and although visually beautiful, I can't imagine that this name would be popular in the USA or in Spanish speaking countries.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2010
Since no exact pronunciation is given, I would pronounce it Dee-sid-err-eye-uh.
Alaric  4/3/2009
Said deh-zee-dee-ree-ah, the ending -deria kind of sounds like "diarrhea" to me and you KNOW if it's that easy to make the connection, the bullies would pick it up, too. Said deh-zee-day-ree-ah, as the French would pronounce it, makes the ending sound a bit like "derriere", a franco-anglo word for "backside", which is better than "diarrhea" but not by much. *sigh* And it's actually such a pretty name. Bummer. What about leaving off the "-ia" and going with, Desidere, pronounced: deh-zee-dare? Just a thought.
leananshae  12/10/2007

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