Anton Hegarty   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1892-1944  
Olympic Medalists   1920   cross country team   (silver)
Cecil Frank Powell   (m)   1903-1969  
Nobel Prize Winners   1950   (physics)
Christopher Lee   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1922-2015  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Francis Xavier Gorman   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1937-  
Olympic Medalists   1964   diving - springboard   (silver)
Francis Hussey   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1905-1974  
Olympic Medalists   1924   4x100 m relay   (gold)
Frank   (m)  
Title Characters   1991   Dirty Frank   (song)
Frank   (m)  
Title Characters   2009   He's Frank (Slight Return)   (song)
Frank   (m)  
Title Characters   2012   Frank D Fixer   (song)
Frank Bagnack   (m)   1995-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Frank Baltrusch   (m)   1964-  
Olympic Medalists   1988   swimming - 200 m backstroke   (silver)
Frank Baumgartl   (m)   1955-2010  
Olympic Medalists   1976   3000 m steeplechase   (bronze)
Frank Beard   (m)   1949-  
Notable Musicians   rock
Frank Beaurepaire   (m)   1891-1956  
Olympic Medalists   1908; 1920; 1924   swimming - 400 m freestyle; swimming - 1500 m freestyle; swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay   (silver/bronze)
Frank Booth   (m)   1910-1980  
Olympic Medalists   1932   swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay   (silver)
Frank Booth   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Movies   1986   Blue Velvet
Frank Borzage   (m)   1894-1962  
Notable Filmmakers
Oscar Award Winners   1928; 1932   Seventh Heaven; Bad Girl   (director)
Frank Boucher   (m)   1901-1977  
Hall-of-Famers   1958   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Frank Brimsek   (m)   1913-1998  
Hall-of-Famers   1966   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Frank Bryce   (m)  
Harry Potter Characters
Frank Buffay, Jr.   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1994   Friends
Frank Macfarlane Burnet   (m)   1899-1985  
Nobel Prize Winners   1960   (medicine)
Frank Busemann   (m)   1975-  
Olympic Medalists   1996   decathlon   (silver)
Frank Capra   (m)   1897-1991  
Notable Filmmakers
Oscar Award Winners   1934; 1936; 1938   It Happened One Night; Mr. Deeds Goes to Town; You Can't Take It with You   (director)
Frank Carney   (m)   1938-  
Notable Businesspeople
Frank Castleman   (m)   1877-1946  
Olympic Medalists   1904   200 m hurdles   (silver)
Frank Chance   (m)   1876-1924  
Hall-of-Famers   1946   (baseball)
Notable Athletes   (baseball)
Frank Churchill   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Books   1815   Emma
Frank Cuhel   (m)   1904-1943  
Olympic Medalists   1928   400 m hurdles   (silver)
Frank Darabont   (m)   1959-  
Notable Filmmakers
Frank de Boer   (m)   1970-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Frank de Grave   (m)   1955-  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Frank Drebin   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Movies   1988   The Naked Gun
Frank Finlay   (m)   1926-2016  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Master Frank Ford   (m)  
Shakespearian Characters   The Merry Wives of Windsor
Frank Forde   (m)   1890-1983  
Australian Prime Ministers   1945
Frank Foss   (m)   1895-1989  
Olympic Medalists   1920   pole vault   (gold)
Frank Foyston   (m)   1891-1966  
Hall-of-Famers   1958   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Frank Fredericks   (m)   1967-  
Olympic Medalists   1992; 1996   100 m; 200 m   (silver)
Frank Fredrickson   (m)   1895-1979  
Hall-of-Famers   1958   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Frank Gatski   (m)   1921-2005  
Hall-of-Famers   1985   (football)
Notable Athletes   (football)
Frank Gehry   (m)   1929-  
Notable Artists
Frank Gifford   (m)   1930-2015  
Hall-of-Famers   1977   (football)
Notable Athletes   (football)
Frank "Moose" Goheen   (m)   1894-1979  
Hall-of-Famers   1952   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Olympic Medalists   1920   ice hockey   (silver)
Frank Gore   (m)   1983-  
Notable Athletes   (football)
Frank Grant   (m)   1865-1937  
Hall-of-Famers   2006   (baseball)
Notable Athletes   (baseball)
Frank Hardy   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Books   1927   The Tower Treasure
Frank Herbert   (m)   1920-1986  
Notable Writers
Frank Irons   (m)   1886-1942  
Olympic Medalists   1908   long jump   (gold)
Frank Jarvis   (m)   1878-1933  
Olympic Medalists   1900   100 m   (gold)
Frank Kehoe   (m)   1882-1949  
Olympic Medalists   1904   diving - platform   (bronze)
Frank B. Kellogg   (m)   1856-1937  
Nobel Prize Winners   1929   (peace)
Frank Kennedy   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Books   1936   Gone With the Wind
Frank Kermode   (m)   1919-2010  
Notable Writers
Frank "Bruiser" Kinard   (m)   1914-1985  
Hall-of-Famers   1971   (football)
Notable Athletes   (football)
Frank Kurtz   (m)   1911-1996  
Olympic Medalists   1932   diving - platform   (bronze)
Frank Lampard   (m)   1978-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Frank Langella   (m)   1938-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Frank Lloyd   (m)   1886-1960  
Notable Filmmakers
Oscar Award Winners   1929; 1933   The Divine Lady; Cavalcade   (director)
Frank Longbottom   (m)  
Harry Potter Characters
Frank Loomis   (m)   1896-1971  
Olympic Medalists   1920   400 m hurdles   (gold)
Frank Lubin   (m)   1910-1999  
Olympic Medalists   1936   basketball   (gold)
Frank Lukeman   (m)   1885-1946  
Olympic Medalists   1912   pentathlon   (bronze)
Frank Mahovlich   (m)   1938-  
Hall-of-Famers   1981   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Frank McCabe   (m)   1927-  
Olympic Medalists   1952   basketball   (gold)
Frank McCormick   (m)   1911-1982  
Most Valuable Players   1940   baseball
Notable Athletes   (baseball)
Frank McGee   (m)   1882-1916  
Hall-of-Famers   1945   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Frank McKinney Jr.   (m)   1938-1992  
Olympic Medalists   1956; 1960   swimming - 100 m backstroke; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay   (bronze/silver/gold)
Frank Montieth   (m)   1985-  
Olympic Medalists   2004   baseball   (gold)
Frank Murphy   (m)   1889-1980  
Olympic Medalists   1912   pole vault   (bronze)
Frank Nelson   (m)   1887-1970  
Olympic Medalists   1912   pole vault   (silver)
Frank Nighbor   (m)   1893-1966  
Hall-of-Famers   1947   (ice hockey)
Most Valuable Players   1924   ice hockey
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Frank Otto   (m)   1959-  
Olympic Medalists   1984   water polo   (bronze)
Frank Oz   (m)   1944-  
Notable Filmmakers
Frank Packer   (m)   1906-1974  
Notable Businesspeople
Frank Parker   (m)   1939-2018  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Frank Paschek   (m)   1956-  
Olympic Medalists   1980   long jump   (silver)
Frank Pfütze   (m)   1959-1991  
Olympic Medalists   1980   swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay   (silver)
Frank Ramsey   (m)   1931-2018  
Hall-of-Famers   1981   (basketball)
Notable Athletes   (basketball)
Frank Rankin   (m)   1891-1932  
Hall-of-Famers   1961   (ice hockey)
Notable Athletes   (ice hockey)
Frank Rijkaard   (m)   1962-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Frank Robinson   (m)   1935-2019  
Hall-of-Famers   1982   (baseball)
Most Valuable Players   1961; 1966   baseball
Notable Athletes   (baseball)
F. Sherwood Rowland   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1927-2012  
Nobel Prize Winners   1995   (chemistry)
Frank Rutherford   (m)   1964-  
Olympic Medalists   1992   triple jump   (bronze)
Frank Schaffer   (m)   1958-  
Olympic Medalists   1980   400 m; 4x400 m relay   (bronze/silver)
Frank Shorter   (m)   1947-  
Olympic Medalists   1972; 1976   marathon   (gold/silver)
Frank Shuman   (m)   1862-1918  
Notable Scientists and Inventors
Frank Sinatra   (m)   1915-1998  
Grammy Award Winners   1960; 1966; 1967   Come Dance with Me!; September of My Years; A Man and His Music; Strangers in the Night   (album of the year/record of the year)
Notable Actors and Actresses
Notable Musicians  
Oscar Award Winners   1953   From Here to Eternity   (actor)
Frank-Walter Steinmeier   (m)   1956-  
German Chancellors and Presidents   2017-   (president)
Frank Thomas   (m)   1968-  
Hall-of-Famers   2014   (baseball)
Most Valuable Players   1993; 1994   baseball
Notable Athletes   (baseball)
Frank Verner   (m)   1883-1966  
Olympic Medalists   1904   1500 m; 4 mile team   (silver)
Frank Waller   (m)   1884-1941  
Olympic Medalists   1904   400 m; 400 m hurdles   (silver)
Frank Wartenberg   (m)   1955-  
Olympic Medalists   1976   long jump   (bronze)
Frank Wiegand   (m)   1943-  
Olympic Medalists   1964; 1968   swimming - 400 m freestyle; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay; swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay   (silver)
Frank Wilczek   (m)   1951-  
Nobel Prize Winners   2004   (physics)
Frank Lloyd Wright   (m)   1867-1959  
Notable Artists
Title Characters   1970   So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright   (song)
Frank Wykoff   (m)   1909-1980  
Olympic Medalists   1928; 1932; 1936   4x100 m relay   (gold)
Frank Zappa   (m)   1940-1993  
Notable Musicians  
Title Characters   2005   Just Like Frank Zappa   (song)
Franklin Clarence Mars   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1883-1934  
Notable Businesspeople
Gareth Bale   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1989-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Graeme Langlands   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1941-2018  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
L. Frank Baum   (m)   1856-1919  
Notable Writers
Maurice Kenny   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1929-2016  
Notable Writers
Millard Hampton Jr.   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1956-  
Olympic Medalists   1976   200 m; 4x100 m relay   (silver/gold)
Reginald Doherty   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1872-1910  
Olympic Medalists   1900; 1908   tennis   (bronze/gold)
Stan Vickers   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1932-2013  
Olympic Medalists   1960   20 km walk   (bronze)
Thure Lindhardt   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1974-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Willard Libby   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1908-1980  
Nobel Prize Winners   1960   (chemistry)
William Hamilton   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1883-1955  
Olympic Medalists   1908   medley relay   (gold)
Win Young   (a.k.a. Frank)   (m)   1947-2006  
Olympic Medalists   1968   diving - platform   (bronze)