Adolf Fredrik   (m)   1710-1771  
Swedish Kings and Queens   1751-1771
Adolf Fredrik Lindblad   (m)   1801-1878  
Notable Musicians   classical
Fred Teeven   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1958-  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Fredrik I   (m)   1471-1533  
Norwegian Kings and Queens   1523-1533
Fredrik II   (m)   1534-1588  
Norwegian Kings and Queens   1559-1588
Fredrik III   (m)   1609-1670  
Norwegian Kings and Queens   1648-1670
Fredrik IV   (m)   1671-1730  
Norwegian Kings and Queens   1699-1730
Fredrik I   (m)   1676-1751  
Swedish Kings and Queens   1720-1751
Fredrik V   (m)   1723-1766  
Norwegian Kings and Queens   1746-1766
Fredrik Adolf of Sweden   (m)   1750-1803  
Other Royalty   1750-1803   Sweden   (prince)
Fredrik VI   (m)   1768-1839  
Norwegian Kings and Queens   1808-1814
Fredrik Bajer   (m)   1837-1922  
Nobel Prize Winners   1908   (peace)
Fredrik Lindberg   (m)   1986-  
Olympic Medalists   2014   curling   (bronze)
Fredrik Lööf   (m)   1969-  
Olympic Medalists   2000; 2008; 2012   sailing   (bronze/gold)
Fredrik von Otter   (m)   1833-1910  
Swedish Prime Ministers   1900-1902
Fredrik Petersen   (m)   1983-  
Notable Athletes   (handball)
Olympic Medalists   2012   handball   (silver)
Fredrik Reinfeldt   (m)   1965-  
Swedish Prime Ministers   2006-2014
Gustaf VI Adolf   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1882-1973  
Swedish Kings and Queens   1950-1973
Gustaf Adolf of Sweden   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1906-1947  
Other Royalty   1906-1947   Sweden   (prince)
Lars Nelson   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1985-  
Olympic Medalists   2014   cross-country skiing   (gold)
Oscar II   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1829-1907  
Swedish Kings and Queens   1872-1907
Oscar Torp   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1893-1958  
Norwegian Prime Ministers   1951-1955
Oscar von Sydow   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1873-1936  
Swedish Prime Ministers   1921
Oskar II   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1829-1907  
Norwegian Kings and Queens   1872-1905
Rudolf van Feggelen   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1924-2002  
Olympic Medalists   1948   water polo   (bronze)
Teodor Koskenniemi   (a.k.a. Fredrik)   (m)   1887-1965  
Olympic Medalists   1920   cross country team   (gold)